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Is The Law of Attraction Working For You Or Against You?

  • Harness the astounding power of thought to attract what you want out from life

  • Discover your true best self with these simple step-by-step positivity checklist

  • Positivity mantras to keep you going even if the journey gets tough

Delrick Chu

"Javier’s book is simple to read and easy to understand with regards to the Law of Attraction. He put it into simple bite size and explain it clearly to the reader. The various small test that I tried out using his read prove to be beneficial to myself in more ways than ever.

Right now, on a daily basis, I am truly practicing what he had shared in his book to master my mind and make myself closer to being a more positive person than before!

A must read for those who are facing negativity situation or feeling demoralized by life happening!"

Delrick Chu

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