4 Important Truths You Need To Realize To Become Enlightened

2. Your consciousness is connected with all consciousness.

You might think that you have your own consciousness but this consciousness is connected with every consciousness in The Universe.

You have an identity and a definition about who you are, but this is just a limit you put on the consciousness to create the illusion of your self.

In reality, behind the mind, the identity and the self, you are the observer of thoughts, the thinker, the infinite silence of pure consciousness that connects everything.

3. Time is just an illusion, you exist only in the now.

The past is just a memory and all the possible futures are just an idea. These two concepts do not really exist, they are mental illusions for the mind to keep things more organized.

We do not really measure time, we measure movement and change of celestial objects. The only thing that exists is the present moment.

Most people live stretched between past attachments and the future these attachments might bring. But in the present moment you detach from them, everything is possible.

4. Unlearning is how your consciousness grows.

When you start to unlearn what you though you knew, you open room for more intelligence to be downloaded and for your consciousness to grow.

As you step into higher consciousness every step unfolds before you, old things no longer make sense, other start to make sense, and brand new information is downloaded.

You may find yourself being in a whole new narrative, a bigger story you couldn’t even think of where you become part of a much bigger game.

Original Source: Lifecoachcode

As the world transcends the old paradigms and raises its consciousness, we will become part of the new humanity and continue our mutual evolution.