How To Raise The Frequency Of The World In 7 Easy Steps

4. Become self sustaining.

Self sustaining means to make yourself enough. To be enough to find resources and thrive while not taking part in systems that damage the planet.

Be aware of how you spend your money. Don’t waste it on things that don’t serve you. On the other hand, sustain yourself and be resourceful, especially on the food that you eat.

Eat organic, buy locally and if you can, learn how to produce your own food. You can plant your own food and help reduce the destruction of the earth caused by deforestation in favor of large scale farming.

Think about the way you waste energy and electricity. Think how you can change your energy consumption to be more eco friendly.

Solar panels, batteries and alternative sources of energy are beautiful way to sustain yourself while keeping a small part of the world clean.

This step is all about changing the way you consume and spend energy in a way that’s beneficial to life on this planet.

5. Aim to be more connected, not dependent.

Consumerism is what drives people to work hard and stress to buy the stuff they don’t really need. Their inner woundedness forces them to fill a void they can’t ever fill. Their ego is what drives them to damage their health just so they can impress people they do not even like.

This 3 headed monster is responsible for most of the destruction in the world. But this monster is not out there, it’s within us all. And you do not get rid of it by aiming for its heads but for its heart. However, its heart is a deep part of you that you need to work on.

The essence of why this monster exists is a belief you have within yourself that you are not enough to be who you want to become.

Read this again. And again. And again, until you realize that most of your decisions were based either to prove yourself to others, or to make up for a flaw you think you have.

By believing that you are not enough you are in debt by default. This may even lead you to be ‘owned’ by certain organizations and companies, organizations and companies that feed from you and operate in systems that damage our planet to gain profit.

But these organizations are not the root problem. The heart of the monster is your belief that you are not enough to be who you want to become.

How to fix this? You need to work on yourself daily. You need to become aware of your inner wounds, of your desires and addictions, of your ego and your triggers.

When you are aware of these inner forces you need to work on healing yourself while starting to do the things your soul always wanted you to do, despite your fear, shame and excuses. Instead of playing to fit into society, improve it. Do kindly what your soul wants.

That’s how you get rid of the monster within while connecting to your soul and projecting your ideal self upon the world.

Nature is the best tool you can use for grounding yourself and connecting with Mother Earth. When you start connecting with nature, you’re starting to connect with all the life that surrounds you. This will connect you to your own soul.

The most important part of this step is to stop depending on all the things serving your inner wounds and become more connected with yourself.

6. Start doing something about your purpose.

As you start connecting with your soul your real purpose starts to emerge gradually. The reason you’re here is to shine your light through your purpose.

The moment you radiate your light gloriously, through your purpose, it’s then that you’re able to uplift the world and create a lasting impact.

So when you start becoming more aware about what your purpose might be, start doing something about it.

Take a step following your purpose, no matter how small it is, and more opportunities will start to show up.

The 6th step is all about taking action towards your purpose.