5 Ways You Can Develop a Positive Addiction to Success

Success will elude many people because people give up quickly after a little set back. Look at the many successful enterprises around the world, which entrepreneur did not face failure at some point of time in their business. One important traits is the Addiction to Success, which we will cover  in today blog post.

Addiction is often thought of with a negative connotation, but what about an addiction to success? With a thoughtful and well-defined vision of success, your addiction to it can help drive you forward and create the inner force you’ll need to reach your dream.

Here are five ways you can become addicted to success.

1. Apply some physics.

As an entrepreneur, you can harness the power of physics to transform your life into a series of successes. How? Utilize the energy behind Newton’s first law of motion: an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

The hardest step in life is usually the first one. It’s that initial effort and that additional burst of energy required to break out of rest and into motion that is the most crucial. If you can make the effort to get your life, your business and your self in motion you will tend to stay in motion and that continually applied force of action is a huge part of success.

2. Use the power of a tribe.

Jim Rohn’s famous quote that you’re the sum of the people you spend most of your time with can be an important part of your success addiction. People who share common addictions often group together, and that’s as true with an addition to success as anything else.

Top athletes, top leaders and top personalities all tend to move in and out of the same social circles because that is a level of company that they feel comfortable around. When you carefully choose to surround yourself with the best people, people who have high standards for themselves, are of good character and who value successful habits, you’ll undoubtedly ride their influence.

3. Try a snowball.

The snowball effect is a metaphorical term that uses the analogy of rolling a snowball. We’ve all seen a snowman be built. It starts with a small, simple ball of snow. From there you roll it around and with each turn, the outside of the snowball clings to the snow on the ground, getting bigger and bigger. Essentially you start small and through continuous, positive motion, you’re able to create something bigger.

When you start small and keep working you can create larger and larger successes for yourself.

4. Understand exponents.

It doesn’t matter how well or poorly you did in your high school math class, understanding an exponent is a simple and powerful example of how success works.

Exponents are a force multiplier. In entrepreneurship exponents are the metaphorical success principles you apply daily that add massive power toward your success. They can be tangible and scalable things such as great software, a healthy body or a positive tribe, but all these success exponents will make you leaps and bounds better.

Adding success-multipliers to your life will get you addicted to success and make you exponentially better.

5. Affirm your achievements.

When you take the time to talk about your successes, as an individual and with your team, you’ll find yourself with a growing addiction to that feeling of success. It sounds a little obvious, but it feels good to feel good, and success feels really good.

When you experience the first feelings of success along your path, acknowledge them. Take a moment to affirm them, to write down what feels so good about this particular milestone or achievement.  We tend to achieve the things we talk about and think about, so make your vocabulary one of positivity and affirm your success.

Original Source: Entrepreneur

In a nutshell, look at this 5 pointer and see what you can implement quickly to snowball your success. Remember, being addicted to success is one important traits to ensure you see success and do not give up along the way.

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