Read To Discover Your Self-worth And Lead By Example

Have you ever heard that readers are leaders? Have you ever wondered how and why this is true? Well, reading is a very good hobby. It is a means of embarking on an expense-free journey of discovering the world! Reading a book is like listening to the author and opening the chambers of your mind and filling them with ideas, hope, love, and above all, knowledge. People who read are often comfortable with solitude because they have discovered confidence. They are often aloof from seeking external validation and do not have any external locus of identity. When they speak, eloquence in the subject matter shows that their mind has been to many places and they have spoken to many people, while truly they have just ‘read and discovered.

This does not mean that people who read do not meet people or are not social. But it means that in a limited time, these people seem to have spoken to more people and been to more places. Reading expands their horizon and improves their proficiency in a subject matter. People who read are generally poised and thus research also supports that reading helps to fight depression. Depression and anxiety are the by-products of today’s fast-paced, digitalized, and overly exposed lifestyle. Therefore, reading is the anchor to your sailing ship in the ocean of life!

How Does Reading Help To Regain My Self-Worth?

Reading is a great activity that gives the mind direction. Instead of wandering astray, your mind finds a healthy sanctuary where it grows! You might find that notion weird but try to read. Research evidence suggests that people who read can make decisions, set goals, determine their priorities, and plan easily. This is because reading keeps stress, anxiety, and depression at length! It saves you from thinking unnecessary what-ifs and thereby prevents you from overcomplicating your situation. Mind is as lethal as a weapon and reading perhaps is the key to keeping it in control!

When one can stop procrastinating by establishing a habit of reading, then there is enough room in life to accomplish the slightest tasks which we have been putting off due to procrastination. Once a task is complete the sense of achievement that prevails within helps your self-esteem which makes you realize that you got what it takes to lead a better and happier life. It helps you to find your self-worth! The positive impacts of reading on your personality get so eminent that it is like a rebirth of a new and more confident version of yourself!

Suppose you begin your reading habit by committing to read one page of any book daily. Say, for example, you read a page of the bible daily. The holy words of the Lord fill your heart with peace and stillness, the two elements which erode while we are chasing our daily chores. You separate some time specifically to read which means you are separating this specific time to shun your thoughts and focus on your book. This detachment helps to overcome stress and anxiety. It helps you to tame unnecessary thoughts that lead you to the valley of despair. Thus, this time spent reading is like taking a respite from tiresome thoughts and giving your mind some activity to focus on, which provides food for thought. It kicks negative thoughts out and fills the space with hopeful words, and things to look forward to!

How To Develop The Habit Of Reading?

If you are not an avid reader, there is nothing to worry about. Establishing a habit is easy. Start small but keep consistency. This is the secret ingredient for establishing a strong habit. If you want to develop a habit of reading, then here are some tips just for you:

1-    Find Your Pace

Notice how long you take to read a page. Notice the comfortable pace at which you can read and enjoy. This is your time frame for reading. Grab a juicy book of your interest to notice your pace. Why do we need this? Read the next step.

2-    Set Time

Once you have found your pace set a specific time apart in your schedule to read. If you want to read the Bible then set a time during the morning, preferably as soon as you wake up or any other time comfortable for you. This is your designated reading time!

3-    Stick To It!

Once you have set apart some time from your schedule to read then follow it ardently. In the beginning, we are excited to try a new thing, so we follow up easily but as time passes by, it is harder to keep the commitment to ourselves. So, keep yourself intrinsically motivated and carry on reading. One way to keep yourself motivated and committed to reading is by choosing a book that captivates your interest. For some it is the Harry Potter series, it may be the self-help genre, and for others, it may be history. The subject of your book depends on your preference and taste so choose wisely!

Within a month of establishing this novel habit notice your thought patterns and the way, you are now handling yourself. You’d find yourself improving in your capacity. Your focus might have increased, or you might feel more empowered. These factors help you to start believing in yourself which helps you to know and find your self-worth!


It is said that a person who reads has lived a thousand lives in one life because he has seen the world from the lens of different people! Read to find your self-worth. Read to regain your power. Read to establish confidence. Read as a passion and find endless pleasure in this activity! There are several personal growth and motivational books also available which might be of your interest. Start your habit of reading and let us know if reading truly helped you to regain your self-esteem and find your self-worth! If you have been through this journey of self-discovery then share the books which helped you the most! Recommendations are a gift to other bibliophiles!