7 Good Morning Questions To Create Happiness

Every day when we wake up, it is very important to ask ourselves a few questions in the morning in order to create happiness throughout our day. As we all know, brushing teeth and eating breakfast has become a routine for everyone and we do not need to remind ourselves to do it. However, not many people has the habit to ask ourselves question in the morning to keep our mind positive. Therefore, it is very important that we set aside a notepad or input in our mobile app to remind ourselves the following questions that will help to create happiness in our lives.

Here's the 7 Good Morning Questions That We Should Ask Ourselves on a Daily Basis:

#1: What is the most important thing I can do today for my own well-being?

#2: How can I show my love to those I love?

#3: How can I encourage myself and others today?

#4: What can I do to make a positive difference in the lives around me?

#5: What is my intuition telling me about my current path?

#6: What do I appreciate about my life right now?

#7: What would I like to remember about today?

good morning questions

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