7 Time Winner Tells You All About Winning

In life, winning and losing will definitely happen at some point of our lives. What is never acceptable is quitting.

Before we move on to show you what a 7 time winner tells you about winning, we would like to share with you the tips to become a winner in life:

  1. All you need is take the first step to setup specific goals, you need to know where you will be going like having a destination in mind.
  2. We are all old enough and therefore we need to learn to take full responsibility of our actions.
  3. Always form a winning habit… winners know why they win
  4. And please don't be afraid to fail… like a baby learning to walk, he or she will keep on fall down but stand up again until master the skill.
  5. You must be eager to learn new things on a daily basis as there's a saying… if you are not growing, you are dying…
  6. Be willing to take risks… when we said risk, we mean calculated risk. Think about what is the worst case scenario that might happen if things will to go wrong, if it is not causing you to lose too much and is acceptable for you, by all mean go ahead and make the move.
  7. Lastly, we all have to learn to stay focused… there's a saying: Focus: Follow One Course Until Successful

Hey there,

What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?

For example, what if you won $842,152 playing Mega Money like I did?

Or if you won $98,000 playing Fantasy Five Grand Prize?

What would you do with the moolah?

Would you quit your job and tell your boss to pound sand?

Would you buy a house that was SO big… you could walk to the other end and disappear for days if you wanted?

Would you buy a new sports car so you can drive by your ex's house with the top down, showing off your new ride?

Whatever you'd do with the money… there's no doubt that winning the lottery would be life changing.

Believe me, I know from experience.

I've won 7 Lottery Grand Prizes and $2 million dollars in cash and prizes.

I've been on Ripley's “Believe It Or Not”, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, and other shows that wanted to learn from THE ONLY 7 time lottery winner.

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Heck… I won the lottery so much, I literally “WROTE the book” on winning.

With that said, you and I both know that I can't guarantee you'll win any lotto, now or ever.

It's just not possible because winning the lottery is a game of chance.

And THAT, my friend, is the secret.

To win more, you gotta increase your chances… and THAT you can do.

Believe me, there are things you can do to boost your chances.

It's what I cover in my Lottery Dominator system.

For example, I'm a big fan of determining your lucky numbers and then sticking with them.

It's true, instead of just winging it and using all different numbers every time you play… choose your numbers and stick to your guns!

I know it sounds kinda simple, but just these 3 secrets alone will increase your chances of winning.

One… is to play in the first place. Two… is try and play often enough so you just get more chances.

It makes sense… the more you play, the more chances of winning.

And three… find numbers that mean something to you, and stay with those.

I promise, do those 3 things alone and you'll boost your odds of winning more than most people who only randomly play and pick different numbers each time.

Look, winning the lottery 7 times like I have isn't about luck.

It's about trying stuff, finding things that work, and then doing THOSE more often.

Speaking of knowing what works… if you want to learn the same winning methods I've used over the last 20 years to win 7 Grand Prize Lottos and over $2 million in cash… here's how…

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Best of luck,
Richard Lustig

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