7 Tips to Stop Tension Headaches!

The day started out well, right till after lunch when you suddenly felt a tension in your head.

You feel like needles are poking into your head and you feel excruciating pain in the head area.

That is the symptoms of tension headaches.

Many of us suffer tension headaches. They’re often brushed off by doctors, who tell us that we need to limit the amount of stress that we feel. If only the actual ability to stop the stress was as simple as telling ourselves that.

Tension headaches can also be known as stress headaches, and people are suffering them describe pain that is on both sides of the head with sometimes stiffness in the neck. Most of the time the headaches will disappear within a couple of hours. Some people just have a blast of pain for a couple of minutes.

While these headaches don’t usually stop you from doing everyday activities, they’re annoying. They can also be depressing if they happen often enough. Why should you just have to put up with pain on a daily basis because of the tension in your body? Doctors will prescribe mild painkillers, but that’s about it.

So it’s time to stop the tension headaches yourself. Here are seven top tips that will help you add more peace in your life, relax your muscles, and get rid of the pain. Unfortunately, the tips aren’t going to work overnight. The aim is to reduce the amount of stress that you feel throughout the day to help relax the muscles. However, we’re more helpful than the doctor who says “just reduce your stress and the headaches will go!”

Start By Focusing on a Better Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the top causes of tension headaches. When your body hasn’t had the proper amount of rest, it will start to put pressure on various elements. You will release the bad hormones into the body, including cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. At the same time, your muscles won’t have had the chance to relax and repair overnight, so you start to carry the tension in them.

If you’re struggling to sleep, you will want to look at your sleeping pattern. One bad night isn’t going to make a major difference, just like one good night isn’t going to make a world of difference in the middle of a bunch of bad ones. What you want to avoid is a constant cycling of struggling to sleep and then stressing over the lack of sleep that you’re getting.

Setting up a good bedtime routine is crucial for a good night’s sleep. We are all creatures of habit; this is in our human nature. Just like children, we need to help our brains wind down and get ready for sleep.

Some people find reading relaxing, while others prefer to have a warm bath. There are others who like to listen to nature music, while some people like to burn incense. Work in the way that you prefer to wind down.

This will involve getting rid of the phone. The light in LED tricks the brain into thinking that it is still daylight so you won’t start to feel tired in the same way that you would without that phone light glaring in your face.

Boost Happy Hormones with Exercise

Did you know that you can force a balance of hormones? If you release more happy hormones in your body, you balance out the cortisol and stop it from being released into the body further. So what you really want to do is find a way to boost a number of happy hormones that are being released.

One of the best ways to do this is through exercise. Your body needs you to exercise regularly, and doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This doesn’t have to be high-intensity gym workouts, either. You can go for a game of soccer in the park or enjoy a power walk with your best friend.

It’s all about being more active to get the brain working in the right way. You’ll also find that your muscles relax because your body isn’t holding onto the stress that you feel.

At the same time, exercise helps to release the body’s natural painkiller. When you do get a headache, your body won’t actually feel it because it’s releasing all the right hormones throughout your body.

The more exercise you do, the better your body will look. You’ll feel great and be more confident, helping to make you feel happier and less stress.

Follow a Better and Healthier Diet

It’s time to cut out the food that is causing your tension headaches. This includes the sugar and caffeine that you get on a daily basis. These types of foods are creating an imbalance in hormones and energy crashes. When you start to feel tired, your concentration and clarity are affected. You’re more likely to make small mistakes, which will just annoy you.

When you follow a healthy and balanced diet, you will get all the good nutrients that your body needs. This includes the likes of iron and antioxidants. They will give you more energy, support your immune system, boost your brain function, and so much more.

The healthier your diet is, the more chance you have of maintaining your weight or losing excess weight. Eating fewer calories is much easier and sticking to a diet becomes fun and just part of your normal daily routine.

Weight loss is important for reducing tension headaches. Your body has to do more when you are overweight, putting it under strain. You’re carrying around unnecessary pounds, which only just adds to the tension within the muscles around the back, shoulders, and neck. These pounds will end up adding to your tension headache side effect.