8 Steps To Be Great

8 steps to be great

Here's The 8 Steps To Be Great:

Everyone wants to be great and it is the best thing to be. Greatness offers better things in the face of humanity, although everyone has his/her definition of greatness. Generally being great offers many good things and makes life worth living. Below are eight steps that are explained in depth for better understanding of the road to greatness.


1. Passion

Passion is the strong feeling or desire to do something or to love or hate someone. Passion is what inspires someone to do anything without being influenced by external forces. When one is passionate of what he/she is doing it enhances perfection and leads to maintenance of high standards therefore producing exemplary results. People who are passionate about what they do don’t require to be supervised since they love what they do and give maximum effort and strength. For anyone to find his/her own passion you must do what you love and find great joy in doing it. This simplifies the way things are done and makes one an expert in his field of knowledge. With passion,money or reward is never a motivating factor therefore one is able to work for long hours and think outside the box leading to massive creativity. Passion is the integral part toward success and to greatness. (S.hammer, 2010)

work on your work

2. Work

Much has been said in encouraging working. Work is when every strategy, goal and dreams are put into action. Working citizens are blessing to its nation. Work brings riches and drives away poverty. Work is the act of using effort to accomplish a desired task. Working helps one feel good about oneself, it enhances acquisition of skills and creativity. It is the only way one can contribute to his/her life and also the community. It is better when what is always theorized is done practically. Work materializes greatness and increases self-respect and dignity.

focus your mind

3. Focus

The ability to give undivided attention to a certain job is what makes focus very important in the path towards greatness. With clear definition of goals and work, focus is the concentration that allows things to be achieved. Prioritizing important work is very crucially and leads to achieving quality over quantity. High concentration is required and distraction should be minimized so that all the effort be driven towards a certain point. Focus makes people save time and maintain high degree of professionalism. Without focus it is like a ship without direction and destination, it keeps on travelling to unknown direction and might finally sink or go to a dangerous area.