Always Play Your Game Of Life Your Way

Have you played Role Playing Game (RPG) before?

In most RPGs, there are monsters of all sorts of levels for you to fight against to train yourself before meeting the bosses of each specific location. Personally, I have learned something about life through playing RPG. For example, sometimes we feel that a specific problem may be overwhelming for us right now but once we become bigger than our problems and look back at the same problem at a later stage, it seems no longer that big anymore.

Almost everyone start from low level (Level 1) in RPG and we fight our ways through with monsters of our current level in order to gain some experience to level up.

Sometimes, we do fight monsters of slightly higher level in order to level up faster. The most interesting part is when you are at a pretty high level, you won’t feel a kick anymore when you try to kill those monsters at lower levels. Remember those are the monsters that you are having troubles killing when your level was pretty low previously.

Some people like to grow their level faster when they team up with others to fight higher level monster together and it can be fun as everyone grow together at the same time.

Different players have different playing styles just like playing the game of life so find a way that best suit your ability.

Here's a short post from T.Harv Eker website that best explain this game of life:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, imagine you are a person with a level 2 strength of character and attitude looking at a level 5 problem. Would this problem appear to be big or little? From a level 2 perspective, a level 5 problem would seem like a big problem.

Now imagine you’ve grown yourself and become a level 8 person. Would the same level 5 problem be a big problem or a little problem? Magically, the identical problem is now a little problem.

Finally, imagine that you’ve really worked hard on yourself and become a level 10 person. Now, is this same level 5 problem a big problem or a little problem?

The answer is that it’s no problem. It doesn’t even register in your brain as a problem. There’s no negative energy around it. It’s just a normal occurrence to handle, like brushing your teeth or getting dressed.

It gets easier the higher the level you’re at… now why do you think this is?

It’s simple — it lies in what I like to call “power thinking”.

What I’m trying to get to you from this post is that don’t always take problems in life as a bad thing as problems are actually ways for us to grow ourselves in order to reach a higher level.

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