Beauty hacks in 6 simple steps

Beauty hacks in 6 simple steps. This is something that ladies will be particularly interested in.

These home remedy secrets will have you looking your best without expensive products or time-consuming routines. Who knows, you may be able to save some money along the way. Let us take a look at the simple hacks.


1. Sweet and Simple Solution

Send chapped lips packing with coconut oil! Mix a bit of the oil with a dab of brown sugar and honey. Apply the mixture with a soft toothbrush and then use a circular motion to lightly exfoliate your lips. Let your lips enjoy the treatment for a few minutes, then rinse off.

2. Ditch Dark Circles

Dark, saggy rings under your eyes? A handful of fresh parsley with its vitamins C and K can do the trick. In a bowl, crush and grind the leaves with a spoon to release the juices. Pour one tablespoon hot water over the parsley and stir. When cool, dab the liquid goodness onto the dark skin beneath your eyes with a cotton ball. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, and rinse.

3. Get Fuller Lashes While You Sleep

Just as you can condition your hair, you can condition your eyelashes. The best all-natural conditioners are oils: almond, castor, or coconut oil. You can simply apply the oil of your choice with a cotton ball at the base of your lashes before bed. Or use a clean mascara wand to apply a mixture of two parts vitamin E oil, one part castor oil, and one part 100% pure aloe vera gel. Rinse off and reveal healthier lashes in the morning! Want full brows as well? The recipe works for them, too.

4. Give Mascara a Boost

Sneak two drops of lavender, rosemary, or tea tree oil into your mascara to boost its conditioning power. Rolling the tube and moving the mascara wand up and down will mix in the oil. So simple!

5. Natural Makeup Remover

For a gentle way to remove mascara, eyeliner, and shadow, try coconut oil. It works just as well as eye makeup remover but is useful in so many other ways—so you get the most for your money. Plus, it’s moisturizing! Dab a small amount on a tissue or cotton ball, rub over closed eyes, and rinse with water.

6. Discover a Natural Highlighter

Fancy highlighter kits can be pricey and complicated. (What goes where?!) A simple solution to get a dewy glow: coconut oil. Dab a bit along your cheekbones—it lightens just like a highlighter. No special brushes or YouTube tutorials required!

Original Source: Quick and Dirty Tips


These are 6 All-natural beauty hacks that you can do yourself. The tips for Beauty solutions with all-natural products, it helps to Save time and money.

These home remedy secrets will have you looking your best without ever picking up an extra product that cause you to spend un-necessary money