How Jay Chou Became World’s Chinese Pop Superstar Due To His Mother’s All Out Love

The Touching Story of How Jay Chou Struggled Before He Became A World Chinese Pop Superstar Icon

Everyone knows the importance of parents' love towards a child development to become a great person in their future. However, how many parents are able to give their love all out to ensure that their children are able to make it in the field that they truly love. Today, we are sharing with you the touching story of Jay Chou of how he became a world's Chinese pop superstar icon through the encouraging love of his mother.

It is not as easy as that to become a world Chinese pop superstar from the start as you will discover the struggles that Jay went through during the early stage of his life and what his awesome mother did that actually changes his life totally.

Take a moment to read this touching story and be amazed by his mother's true love for his son…

Jay Chou with his mother

Jay Chou , a Chinese pop icon whom millions of young people adore , has absolute respect and love for his mother Ye Hui Mei, because in his most lonely most helpless, the mother with warm arms supported him .

So Jay has been saying, “As long as my mother happy, I am willing to give up everything for her! ”

Jay was born in January 1979, his mother Ye Hui Mei Taipei's Tamkang elementary school art teacher, and his father is a high school physics teacher Tamkang.

Jay was 4 -year-old kindergarten boy back then, the Ye Hui Mei took him to early childhood music classes Tamkang Yamaha piano .

Usually Jay is a lively kid but when he was put in front of the piano, he was mesmerised to the piano, and was actually surprisingly quiet.

He could listen to the teacher once and then play the music piece out on his own.

The teacher told Ye Hui Mei , the child is very talented !