How To Grow Taller Like Michael Jordan

Have you ever wondered how you can grow taller naturally? Or do you ask yourself what made people like Michael Jordan grow so tall? Well, look no more. You are in the right hands. Below, you are going to discover some safe and powerful tips on how to grow taller like Michael Jordan. Sounds awesome, right?

Let's dive into details of these tips:

1) Better Sleep
The simplest way to grow taller naturally, especially for a teenager, is having a good night sleep. Various studies carried out shows that teenagers should sleep for about 8-12 hours a day. This is because the human growth hormone (HGH) is usually produced when we are asleep. Also, your body grows and regenerates tissues while you are asleep. To ensure you have a good night sleep, make your sleeping environment a relaxed one, with no unnecessary noise and light.

2) Take a Healthy Breakfast
Another tip for growing tall faster and naturally involves taking a healthy breakfast every morning. As you know, breakfast is the most important part of your daily diet as it promotes growth and development. A healthy breakfast also improves your body`s metabolism, thereby leaving a significant impact on your height. A healthy diet would include cereals e.g. oats, milk, dry fruits e.g. raisins and cashews, eggs, etc.

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3) Do some Exercises
Doing some routine exercises is another sure way to grow taller within no time. To heighten your body through exercises, you should focus on straightening and lengthening your spine. That is, working on the disks between your vertebrae through various exercises. Some of the highly recommended exercises include pull-ups, swimming, toe touching, hanging upside down, as well as certain yoga positions.

4) Adopt a Better Posture
Did you know that most people appear shorter because they tend to slouch? Well, now you know. Adopting the right stance, therefore, can add to your increased height. The right stance entails keeping your shoulders back, hips over the feet and the chin straight. In other words, adopting a new posture to make you tall is changing the way you walk.

5) Sunlight
Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. That’s a fact! Your body requires this nutrient to grow tall. The nutrient absorbs calcium in the various food you consume e.g. egg yolks, liver and fish. The nutrients are then used to create calcium and phosphorus in your bones. This in turn makes your bones stronger so that they can support your height. You can also take in vitamin D supplements to boost your intake of the same.

6) Surgery
If you are looking for an instant method to increase your height, here is your chance. In the modern world, leg-lengthening surgery has been developed to aid you to grow taller. Though the method is very expensive and consumes a lot of time, it will make your dreams for growing taller come true. In this process, a metal device bearing extension rods and an actuator are inserted into your leg. A controller that uses a magnetic system to lengthen these rods is then employed in the process, making you grow taller eventually.

However, it’s good to note that this method should be taken as the last option after you have tried all the above methods.

Final Thoughts
That`s our list of the simple tips on how to grow taller. Take action now by investing your time and resources in the above tips and with time, you will get amazing results!