They Cheered When They Scored The Free Throw Towards The End Of The Game – But Not When He Started Making The Ultimate Move!

This is one of the Japan primary schools basketball finals and where you see a bunch of energetic kids playing basketball.

Like every basketball game – mothers screaming, young kids screaming, a good game with normal players… kind a boring game?


Look this video – play by play the game is increasing in tension. The scoreboard become tied in last second.

Is obviously that some kids got more talented than others. Two of each team have pretty good skills playing the game. The others just assist.

The video is basically a battle to the winning. Mothers are becoming excited and the game is become more and more filling with drama and energy.

After that I cannot kill the vibe telling you the amazing play that happen. You must have to watch it. You need it to watch to feel the play.
Last play will make you be like… “ Ooooowww!! “

Was I correct?

If you say yes, share the love and content with yours friends and make ‘em say “ Oooooww! “ too.

Remind yourself that you never know what will happen towards the end and always remember to give your best to not give up till the end!