Lessons From My 2 Years Old Son’s Birthday Balloon

I have just celebrated my son's 2 years old birthday about a week ago and the balloon that we bought for him is still inflated and floating in the living room.

The birthday balloon is tied down to a weight to prevent it from flying up to the ceiling. We were told by the balloon seller that it will last for about 5 days but surprisingly, it had passed two weeks already and the balloon was still in its original condition.

If you are a grown up like me, you will probably give the balloon a few knocks whenever you pass by it. The interesting thing is no matter how much hits I knock or how low I hit it down, the balloon will always float back up into the air and go back to its original position.

This actually caught my attention as the previous round of balloons we bought was not good quality as this one. Some of the balloons that we bought the previous year for my son's 1st birthday didn't even last for a couple of days and it was deflated already.

So what did I actually learn while playing with my son's birthday balloon?

Imagine what if I am the balloon being pumped up and floating proudly in the air, am I able to take the hits from life and able to float back up easily.

No matter how low I am been forced down with the forces of life and able to float back up again.

And able to last long in the air whenever I am pumped back up again.

Hmmm… isn't that an awesome kind of feeling I will get if I am able to keep my head high up like the balloon and not deflate easily.

After thinking it through for awhile, I compared this balloon with the previous balloon that we have and it seemed that the quality that they are manufactured are definitely different although the helium air that was pumped in are the same type.

Therefore, I can thinking that if we are able to set our standard for ourselves to be higher like the quality of the balloon, isn't it a wonderful thing to be. We will definitely be able to tolerate the hits that we will get and the lows that we reach in our life.

Remember this, the air that everyone of us is breathing in is the same as all of us is having oxygen just like the balloon is filled with helium. We will all get pumped up in our life through certain moments or events and it is how we set the standard for ourselves to be able to remain motivated longer and get through life happier and proudly like this top quality birthday balloon.

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Rooting For Your Success
Javier Chua
Founder and Chief Positivity Officer,

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