No Arms, No Legs, No Problem. How ATTITUDE Can Make a Difference!

There are tons of things every one of us do not have. Some don't have things that are more superficial, like, a Rolls Royce, an iPhone 6S, or a diamond the size of an apple. Others, like Nick Vujicic, don't have essential things, like arms and legs. Does that mean we should be despairing and endlessly cursing our ill fates? Nope, it means we're given something else to focus and work on instead!



You might have never heard of Nick Vujicic.

He's not a superstar athlete or international movie star.

But he is a young man whose attitude allowed him to succeed under the most direst of circumstances.

Nick Vujicic is an internationally known motivational speaker, giving speeches all around the world on the subject of disability and hope. He is the director of an organization, Life Without Limbs, for the physically disabled.

He has adopted the attitude of doing whatever he can to give disabled people hope for living as normal a life as they can for one reason. He was born in Australia in 1982 without any arms and legs, just a small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. Nick just has a torso, a neck and a head that's all!

Growing up his life was filled with extreme difficulties and hardships. Australian law prevented him from going to a normal school, but his attitude was that he belonged there.  So he wanted to prove that he could do things that would enable him to attend school. He learned to write using two toes on his left foot. He also learned to use a computer and type using a “heal and toe” method. He learned to hop around a classroom. Australia soon changed its laws because of his story and he was one of the first disabled students to attend a normal school.

But he was bullied at school and become extremely depressed, even contemplating suicide when he was only 8 years old. But he was able to change his attitude toward life when he realized his accomplishments were inspirational to many other disabled people. His mother also showed him a story on another severely disabled man and it made him realize he wasn't the only one facing these kinds of challenges. That attitude made him create his non-profit Life Without Limbs organization.