Top 5 Front of The Class Inspiring Quotes

Front of The Class Movie

Front of the Class is a 2008 American drama film based on the inspiring true story book written by Brad Cohen, Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had, co-authored by Lisa Wysocky.

Brad Cohen's story starts as a young kid whose mother went through all ways to find out what is his illness and helped doctors to realize that he had Tourette syndrome. With his mother's help and the support of his school principal, Brad eventually becomes an award-winning teacher.

Through his mother never giving up teachings, Brad is a success story and shares his success with everyone around him.

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“Everyone, regardless of ability or disability, has strengths and weaknesses. Know what yours are. Build on your strengths and find a way around your weaknesses.” ~ Brad Cohen

“I get that look a lot, but I never let it get to me.” ~ Brad Cohen

“A positive outlook breeds success, just as a negative outlook breeds failure.” ~ Brad Cohen

“You can’t judge a banana by the outside. The outside of the banana might be all bruised and discolored and look really nasty, but once you open the banana and peel the skin back, there could be a nice, clean, fresh banana inside. I also explained that there are all different kinds of bananas, just as there are all different kinds of people, and that we shouldn’t judge either the people or the bananas in our lives until we have the chance to “peel back the skin” and learn what’s inside.” ~ Brad Cohen

“It is okay to be yourself, it is okay to color outside the line if that is who you are” ~ Brad Cohen

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