What I Learn From Swimming In The Middle Of The Pool?

Are you a good swimmer who can swim very well and able to swim many laps during your swimming sessions? 
If you are good at swimming, you would feel that it’s pretty easy for you to swim across the pool without much effort. However, it is not the same case for me. 
Today, I would like to share a personal story with you and see whether you can learn something from it like I do.
Although I do swim from time to time, I am still pretty afraid of swimming as I have past childhood phobia of drowning incident and a recurring shoulder dislocation issue.
Usually, I don't dare to swim in the middle of the deep pool (1.8m in Singapore) even when I have friends accompanied me and I would always swim by the side of the pool in case of emergency where I can reach out to the side wall. 
I knew I can swim quite well on my own but those limitation created by myself caused me to only enjoy swimming by the side where I know I would be safe. I knew that I can do better as I have managed to improve my number of laps from a few laps per session to about 10 laps per session. 
Some of you might think that 10 laps per swimming session is considered too little but if you have a past recurring shoulder dislocation issue like what I had and when you could only swim breast stroke with a aching shoulder due to that past injury, you will understand how I felt after each swimming session.

For a start, I did feel disappointed as most people can do more with little effort but I start to understand that different people has different journey to go through. 

No point comparing yourself with others but the most important thing is to enjoy the moments in life. When I start to feel this way, I ended up start to slowly increase my own pace and improve my shoulder strength. 
The swimming sessions become more enjoyable and I feel more happy that I had managed to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself to improve along the way. As my confidence level starts to increase, I decided to break through my fear of swimming in the middle of the deep pool and I do change my focus from being scared to keep on moving forward.

What I have learnt through swimming is that no matter how much

– obstacles (past shoulder problems)
– fear (leg cramp in the middle of the pool)
– phobia (past drowning cases) 
– distraction along the way (bikinis girls or macho man swimming across)
What you need to do is know where your end point is and keep moving forward. 
This is how I managed to get through and made my first breakthrough in my swimming session. I will definitely continue to practice and strengthen my shoulder so that I can truly enjoy my swimming journey.
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