Who do you think say “I love you” first in a relationship?

The romantic relationship occurs when one of the participants steps up and says those three powerful little words: “I love you.”

Who do you think is initiating saying “i love you” First in a relationship ?

Saying the three magic words “I love you” in a relationship can be really difficult, especially the first time to say it. Why is it so hard to be the first one to pronounce these words? However, this is one of the most interesting fields in people behavior to explore. When it comes to love and comparing men and women, we are all thinking that men are sharing their emotions less, unlike women. This is one of the biggest stereotypes nowadays.

The latest studies are saying that men are the one to say “I love you” first. In addition to this, they are saying it more often than women. The research process contained 455 students at the  Massachusetts Institute of  Technology. They were asked, “Do you think women or men are saying first I love you?” Sixty-four percent of the participants answered “women”. They predicted that women are saying these three words 23 days before man do.

On the other hand, a research was made of 100 undergraduates and 47 heterosexual couples of all ages. The results were 61 to 70 percent of them answered that men are saying “I love you” first or on average exactly 42 days before women.

Another research was made by the online dating site WhatsYour Price.com. They found out that men are saying “I love you” even 76 percent more than women.


When it comes to sexual relations and saying “ I love you”, men and women are completely different. Men prefer pre-sex confession, and saying these words before they take his lady to the bed is much more important. Unlike them, women are into after sex confessions. Confessing love after sex is what they are looking for.

Never the less, the big question where do these men are saying “I love you” more often is still remaining open. According to the studies, 86% are saying it in a private setting, at home or in a bedroom where they are feeling more comfortable. Around 11%of them are saying it over the phone call or text and 8% in a public setting.

We can never be sure if the men are saying I love you first because they really mean it or just to take an advantage of the women. However, these are the facts studies are saying.

Original Source: DreamyMind

Before you say the crucial 3 words, be it you are a man or woman, it is always good to be responsible for your words. Do not harm people by being too carefree with this 3 words.