5 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Day

Every morning is going to be brand new day, what we are going to do for today matters more!

As you begin to wake up each morning, it is important to kick start your day properly to ensure you have a wonderful day ahead.


1. Plan and Prepare The Night Before You Sleep

Write down in your cellphone or on a notepad what are the 1-4 important things you need to do the next day. This allows you to have a rough idea on what you need to do to kick start your day. At the same time, prepare those small details first, like charging your cellphone/ laptop or packing your bag so that you can really sit down and plan.

2. Do Some Simple Exercise

When you open your eyes, take the opportunity to do some simple stretching exercise. It can be leg raises or back stretch. This will help the blood flow and increase your alertness in the morning.

3. Put Some Motivation Beside Your Bed

When you wake up after the stretching, it make more sense to read something motivational to jump start your day and make you feel empowered.

Some motivation can be:
– Your favorite quotes from our Positivity To Success website
– An inspirational short video from youtube that you already save as favorite.
– A short 5-10 mins podcast from some motivational speaker.
– Join our facebook group for daily motivators

4. Have a Proper Breakfast

Before breakfast have a large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it. This will assist with digestion and is effective in body cleansing and detoxification.

This can be followed by a nutritious breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and fuel your body to face the day ahead. You have just had around 10 – 12 hours of fasting – your body needs sustenance and is ready to be fuel, so skipping breakfast is a big no no.

5. Be Clear about What Your Intentions Are For The Day

For example, you can intend to have a productive day. You can intend to have quality time with your family and friends with no distractions. You can intend to have a fun and brilliant day. You can intend to have a calm and peaceful day. You can intend to learn something new or be helpful to someone.

Whatever your intention are just be clear about what it is you want your day to be. In order to create, manifest, and attract it, you must first align your heart, mind, and spirit with your intention. In other words, you truly need to feel it!

Whether we are aware of it or not, we create our reality with our thoughts and behaviour. This means we have the power to choose to be a conscious, mindful creator and change our reality to what we really want it to be.

Remember that you choose your own thoughts, you choose your behaviour, and you choose the outcome. And every choice you make determines how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Go through this 5 simple steps process daily to kick start your day into a more productive day every single moment!