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These Successful People Do 5 Things Differently… Try It Now!

Don't be surprised that expectations are not always fulfilled. Even if one is a school dropout, it is not the end of the line for that person. In fact, depending on the person's will and determination, he/she might actually reach the top and be one of the few school failures who rise above everyone else!

YOU had two friends in school. Barry was the straight-A student who seemed bound for glory and Mary was the battler who flunked first year Economics.

Ten years later you discover that Mary is a multi-millionaire. She runs her own company and travels the world.

Meanwhile Barry is stuck in the same boring job he got at graduation.

You ask, “How come Mary blossomed, and not Barry-the-Brain?”

Because Mary does things that successful people do — that matter more than IQ.

So what things do high achievers do that you can do too?


Successful people start anywhere they can.

Most tycoons start washing cars or selling newspapers at about 10 years of age. They develop a “success pattern”. They sharpen their skills. Then they aim higher.

Surgeons practice on tonsils before they do brain surgery.

Ed Sheeran spent years playing on street corners before he filled stadiums.

What’s so important about a success pattern? It’s what gets you to believe in yourself.

When you know in your heart that:
a) “I’ve prepared myself for this”
b) “I can do it!” and
c) “I deserve it”
you are on your way.

Wherever you are headed, start small if you have to — and make success a habit.


Whether you are aiming to be an architect, training for a marathon or cleaning out your garage, break your journey into bite-size pieces.

Make to-do lists. Tick off each task. Celebrate small steps of progress.

Divide major tasks into manageable chunks. You are much more likely to finish jobs that can be completed in 15 minutes.