Why Complaining Is Ruining Your Life?

Have you ever Complain? I'm sure you did that before.

Trust me, everybody has had complain before, no matter how small the issue can be.

It's still considered as a complain.

Whenever an event or an action does not go the way we expected it to go, we start whining and complaining about everything that is associated with it. If you look at yourself consciously, you would find that complaining comes to you quite naturally. Grumbling is the easiest thing you can do to overshadow your failure and if it becomes a habit, it will turn into a way of living. But in the process, you are falling in a vicious trap of negativity and ruining your life.

Let us take a look at what we get when we COMPLAIN…

Complaining Only Brings Misery

You cannot find a single example where a person has moaned and complained about something and he has come out a winner from that situation. It does not even provide you the required mental peace after your failure when your action did not yield the expected result. It is true that you can try to justify your action by complaining in front of others to draw their sympathy and monetary respite from the reality. But sooner than later you realize the guilt inside you and your life becomes miserable again.

Complaining Does Not Let You Move On

The longer you complain about an issue, the deeper it gets in your mind. As it is a negative issue, it will only generate tons of negative thoughts. You will lose the will and the inspiration to move on to the next event or action and you will eternally get stuck into it. For example, you had a bad relationship experience and all day and night you are grumbling about your ex-partner. All you are doing is obstructing you from moving on and seeing the brighter side of life and things you have in your possession to be happy with.

Complaining Does Not Provide A Solution

When you focus on the negatives and ignore the positives, you are never going to find a solution to your problems and shortcomings. Whining and grumbling show that you are completely helpless and have no control over your thoughts. It completely consumes your ability to analyze the situation and identify your mistakes so that you can learn lessons from them. Therefore, if the same situation comes back again, you are probably going to make the same mistakes and end up complaining again.

Complaining Affects Your Health Tremendously

It is scientifically proved that complaining about an issue creates stress and depression in mind and gives rise to several nerves related problems. In a very short item, it brings about a complete breakdown in the mental state. You slowly lose your memory and reasoning power. Apart from these, indigestion and insomnia are inevitable. It negatively affects your behavior and you can end up taking out your frustration on the wrong people who actually love you in life.