15 Daily Affirmations To Help You Manifest Your Goals

Words have a deep impact. No matter whether these words are spoken to others or yourself, they are energy that impacts others as well as your reality! When you speak to yourself you are signaling your conscious and unconscious brains. These signals manifest as a positive or a negative outcome. Ever noticed how relaxed you feel when you start your day with reassurance that you got this? Believe it or not, the power of our mind is unbelievable, and it is very receptive to energies. This is why what we say matters!

Affirmations Work For Real!

Our brain is a mysterious and powerful tool at our disposal that can adapt based on the situation. When you repeatedly say something to yourself you start believing it. The brain sometimes cannot decipher between reality and imagination and affirmations use this to your advantage to manifest reality! Try for example saying positive words about your health to yourself while taking care of yourself. The reality will manifest, and your health would improve faster.

How Can I Make Affirmations?

A lot of people reiterate these words to themselves multiple times a day. A person can dedicate some minutes from their routine to reiterate affirmations. This can be done in the morning or any time during the day when you pause to gather your thoughts. This habit is going to help you keep your anxiety at bay as well as manifest your dream goals.

Bloggers also advise you to keep an affirmation journal where you write your daily affirmations. Successful people keep their motivation level high through daily affirmations. They visualize their goals and often keep an affirmation book where they write these thoughts. A lot of people have seen a positive impact of writing their affirmations.

You can create a future you deserve, accomplish your goals, and become a better version of yourself through affirmations. For example, if you speak unkind words about yourself then it would be hard for you to find self-worth. In real life, you would be unable to set boundaries with other people and accept sub-par behaviors or even get into a nasty pattern of unhealthy relationships! Contemplate the words you have been feeding yourself and alter them now! We have some powerful affirmations to help you manifest your goals.

Affirmation For Dream Job/ Promotion/ Finances

  • I am capable of achieving my financial goals. Jesus is my guide and support in my struggles. I can rise above the challenge and create stability for myself. I am strong, independent, and grounded. My financial freedom is manifesting right now. My stable future is ahead of me! In the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I am intelligent and wise! I can ace this interview and answer all the questions with impressive wit.
  • I have what it takes to secure the job as XYZ professional. (In place of XYZ say the profession you intend to have.)
  • I am focused on my work. I perform my best. I will be promoted as the manager this year!
  • The universe is my source of positivity. The universe and I are aligned. I am getting all the power I need to manifest the reality I want! (In place of reality you can say the job/ promotion you want to manifest)

Affirmation For Health/ Healthy Body

  • My body is strong, and it heals itself.
  • I am manifesting my healthy self. I am healing my illness. I am healing my trauma. I am breaking the generational curses. My spirit guides are guiding and protecting me.
  • My pain is subsiding. I am eradicating illness from my body. I am healing and rejuvenating all my systems. My body knows how to recover. I am strong and capable of being healthy!
  • I am surrounded by happiness. Happiness flows from within me. It embraces me and lifts me towards healing, health, and prosperity.
  • I am energetic. I am powerful. I can run. I can dance. I can walk. I can lift. I can do this. My muscles are stronger. I move and the energy flows with my movement to bring the joys of life to me. In the name of Jesus, amen!

Affirmation For Relationship/ True Love

  • I am loving, kind, and caring towards my partner. I receive double the love that I send, and I feel bliss and joy with my partner.
  • True love flows between me and my partner. We are there for each other and we keep each other grounded with love.
  • Jesus is protecting my relationship and making me and my partner stronger and more in love each day. We are manifesting a brighter future together. In the name of Jesus, amen!
  • Trust, loyalty, and honesty are the basis of our relationship. I and my partner are in harmony with one another. Our souls are divinely guided to love and nurture each other.
  • I deserve true love. My past experiences do not make me unlovable. I am manifesting a powerful, soul connection in my life which is going to be the true relationship I am meant to have. Love has surrounded me. I give love, I manifest love, and I deserve true love.


There is a healing potential hidden in daily affirmations. These affirmations make you strong, and hopeful. They help you to stop drifting into the negative pattern of self-loathing and self-destructive behavior. Life is going to be a testing challenge but emerging through each of these challenges through grounding yourself and believing in the key. Embark on the journey of manifesting your ideal life and emerging from chaos towards betterment through the power of words. You can start by one most important things to you and start saying affirmations daily. You can customize your affirmations. As long as you are committed to personal growth, you’d be able to find just the right words you need to heal! Don’t forget to share your affirmations in the comments.