5 Powerful Situation Words To Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation means a drive to do something. It is a topic that has gathered a lot of attention from management and psychology scholars. On one end it is an important factor for business owners so that they can retain talent while on the other end it means a lot in a personal capacity for individuals to stay motivated to achieve excellence in their life.

How many times did you start something but couldn’t finish it? How many times have you resolved but couldn’t achieve it? Well, stop beating yourself up for everything that you did not do and start thinking about everything you can do! Chances are that you need just a little push to set on a track of being intrinsically motivated to achieve your goals!

Words have healing power. They are the savior that gives hope and positivity in our darkest days. Many people have said many motivational things. For example, Martin Luther King Junior’s speech I have a dream. Choose your favorite hero and listen to their words of wisdom for finding motivation. Or be your own hero for the day and speak kindly to yourself! Today, we have collected some powerful gems to make you feel motivated. These words are specific to your situation and the kind of push you need to get going!

1-    When You Want To Quit Your Job

It is a common problem nowadays to stay committed to the experience of the corporate sector. While owning a business is a dream and taking entrepreneurial steps is not being discouraged here but not every one of us chooses that path. For example, if a person is an accounting intern who has a dream to establish a career in accounting and is in dire need of motivation to stay committed to finishing that internship then these words are there to help them do that!

Sometimes the easiest solution that appears to provide us relief from misery is the quit. It appears very attractive, but quitting is just running away from the challenges. If you want to be successful in life you need to rise to the situation and face the challenge. Challenges are there to give you the necessary skills and experience you need. Challenges carve out your personality and embellish it with gems of experience. If your bed is appearing too warm today, consider the dreadful situation of empty pockets and go get ready! Never quit until you are ready to switch!

2-    When You Need To Start A Fitness Regime

If you have been promising yourself an active lifestyle but procrastination or a tight schedule keeps you stuck, then here is some pep talk:

You deserve a healthy and fit life. Your body is your ultimate resource and only you can recover/ heal/ take care of your body. Nothing is impossible for a human mind. Get going, forget Netflix, and put on your earpods and gym gear! You got this! Exercise gives you energy. All you need is one push to get outside to the gym/ park. You can do it! Go for the results! Go for the body you want to see in three to six months! Some progress is better than zero progress!

3-    When You Struggle With Negative Self Image

Self-love is the greatest treasure and an act of kindness toward oneself. If you are struggling to love yourself, these words might help:

You are beautiful and you are enough! There is no level of perfection you need to reach to get validation from anyone that you are pretty because you already are the prettiest gem among all God’s creations. Your face is the reflection of your soul, and your body is the powerhouse of strength, endurance, and resilience. Look in the mirror and be grateful for God’s mercy that He gave you functioning limbs, intellect, sight, and hearing. Your soul is pure. Do not compare your beauty to anyone because each one of us is unique! Appreciate who you are. Learn to be there for yourself.

4-    When The Going Gets Tough

Life is not as easy as a piece of cake. The days escalate from one challenge to another. If you are going through a rough patch, please note that you should not let despair lead you to believe that there isn’t going to be a relief. Relief and triumph are sometimes just around the corner, right before we are about to give up. Don’t give up.

Look at you! You have made it this far! Did you ever think that you’d be able to come to the point you’re now? It was tough, isn’t it? But you did it! Similarly, this rough patch is going to last, and you can handle it. You have what it takes because you are titanium! Giving up after you came this close to your goal is not going to help you get happy. Quitting takes a second to destroy all your previous efforts. Don’t put your efforts down the drain. Get up and get going!

5-    When You Are Tired

The human body is prone to tiredness. Energy levels cannot be the same all the time. If you are feeling tired, then find solace in these words:

I am tired so I will rest. I am going to honor my body’s need to rest so that I can regain the energy and recharge for the next day. It is okay to feel tired. It is okay to take a break. I deserve to rest and recharge! I am not going to overwork myself today. I am going to rejuvenate myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Words are powerful tools that can make or break you. Sometimes we do not need to hear motivational words from anyone but ourselves. We deserve to speak kindly to ourselves. We should not be harsh but rather kind and polite while talking to ourselves. Self-love and healing words can do wonders.