4 Important Truths You Need To Realize To Become Enlightened

As you might have noticed, more and more people are tuning inward as our world is experiencing a paradigm shift from the old to the new.

These patterns are based on fear and scarcity where the feelings of lack are the number one key motivator for doing things.

If you aren’t focused, you might get lost in the drama and fear created by the people who still feel the old social conditioning created by fear.

This transitioning is directing you to higher levels of consciousness and flow. But going with the flow isn’t enough. You need to have a safe ground to stand on.

You might try to escape the social conditioning but you notice how the old paradigm may pull you back to the old patterns of consciousness.

Allowing these thought patterns to pull you back will keep you from fully stepping into a more aligned way of living between your mind and soul.

Enlightening happens when the old patterns have no power over you anymore, they cannot pull you back to the old ways of thinking.

To establish strong foundations of thinking that the old patterns of fear and scarcity cannot penetrate and hijack you need to realize a couple of important cosmic truths.

When you get to know these truths, when you really get to grasp their meaning, your way of thinking will no longer return the the old paradigms.

4 Important Truths You Need To Enlighten:

1. Your natural state is love, you live in a world of abundance and you are enough.

When we are born we don’t think that we lack anything. We are enough to be who we are and nobody can judge us.

When we want to cry we cry, when we want to laugh we laugh, when we are hungry we eat. But as we grow up society teaches us that we need to be this or that to be enough.

This false belief is created by fear and scarcity. The truth of your existence is love and abundance. The world is free for you to explore, you don’t need to prove anything.