7 Keys to Your Foot Health

4. Let Your Feet Breathe

Sometimes, we simply do not give our feet a break. YOUR FEET need to breathe. We find ourselves in many types of places including the gym, damp areas and also in damp clothing, sometimes. We should also exercise CAUTION, though. Despite the desire to have feet breathe, shoes like flip flops which provide wide-open spaces for the feet, are
actually considered one of the worst shoes a person can wear. Yes… at the beach or near water, flip flops do come in handy. Hence, in these environments, flip flops may be the more reasonable solution. However, for long-term wear, seek other shoes with better support. Also, feet have sweat glands but this does not cause foot odour. Instead, foot odour is caused by bacteria.

5. Keep Your Feet Active

There are stretching exercises that could be used to ensure that your feet remain in great shape. If we don’t use our feet as we should or if our feet begin to suffer from inflammation, we may notice the onset of arthritis. This has also been referred to as an acute gout attack and such an attack could affect other joints of the body like the knees and the fingers. Walking can help to lengthen your life. It’s great for your heart and some cardiovascular activity is recommended for general health. However, beware of over-activity TOO, which could lead to INFLAMMATION and conditions like PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Exercise routines could be used to tackle foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and these exercises may eliminate the need for costly medical interventions such as surgery, drugs and medical devices.

6. Other Conditions Affect Foot Health

There are medical conditions such as diabetes that can adversely affect a person’s feet, if sufficient care is not taken. Improper care, especially when a person is diabetic, for example, could lead to the amputation of the feet or the entire leg. YES, this is quite serious!!! Hence, it is imperative that we know how other medical conditions could be directly related to foot health. With conditions such as diabetes, a person has a certain level of vulnerability to foot problems. Hence. VIGILANCE to foot health is ESSENTIAL!!!

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