How to tell if you have the best girlfriend using zodiac sign?

6. Aquarius

Aquarius are in the middle, not the best girlfriends and not the worst ones. The hardest thing when it comes to Aquarius is patience. They can be quite insecure about themselves and their acts. If you are with Aquarius you have to spend a lot of time teaching her how to love her self as much as she loves you. The good thing about this sign is their loyalty, trust, love, and carrying, but none of it they are applying to themselves. So just show her how amazing she is and you can have her for a lifetime.


7. Leo

Leos are all about finding the perfect relationship, like everybody else. The thing is they never do find it because they search for perfectionism that doesn’t exist. They always focus on wrong people and get out disappointed from the relationship because they didn’t get what they thought they will. They must listen to other people advice more often, cause obviously, their expectations are just leading them in wrong directions. Otherwise, they can be really committed and romantic in every relationship.

8. Cancer

They are romantic, emotional, careful and have a good heart. The thing why are they listed lower on the list of best girlfriends is their issue with trust. Simply, they don’t trust their partner. It can be really hard for them to relax and enjoy a relationship because they will always overreact. Once they overcome this issue, it can be the perfect relationship.

9. Taurus

Taurus girls are the toughest one to get. They are cold, independent, they want to make their own rules, they believe they can live happily without the partner, they don’t give second chances. They want to play emotional games, they can put pressure on you and act like they don’t care which can be heartbreaking.

10. Aries

Aries are tough, they have a bad temper, they dominate, they can say things that can hurt you, they want to settle their own rules, they have strong personalities and all of this can affect really bad on the men ego. They want to be bossy and they fight over things for nothing. You need to find the way to get their heart because after you do, the other sensitive side of the Aries shows up.

11. Virgo

Virgos is all about negative thought. They are jealous, perfectionist, self-critical, insecure and don’t love themselves. This can be really hard for the other side because he needs to prove himself over and over again and to explain to her how to be more positive which can be heartbreaking and a reason for ending a relationship.

12. Scorpio

In the end, the worst one of all is the Scorpio. They are heartless, honest, ruthless, cold and control freaks. There are no second chances with them, so once you did something wrong it means the end of the relationship. They can be really hard to engage with, but once you do you can have their heart forever.

Original Source : Dreamy Minds

Do take note that this is just a gauge and should never be used as a benchmark to follow. After all, love is a very weird thing. When love comes knocking on your door, zodiac sign or not, you will still make a decision