If He Does These 10 Things, Then He’s Clearly In Love With You

6. He acts proud of all your successes and achievements.

He is genuinely proud of anything that you accomplish in life. He isn’t someone who gets jealous of you. He isn’t trying to compete with you. He is your teammate. And he considers your happiness in life to be his own as well.

7. He allows himself to be vulnerable with you.

He knows that he can feel completely safe and secure in your company. He allows himself to feel vulnerable to you because that’s the kind of trust that he has for you. He knows that showing you his weakness will not backfire on him.

8. He really makes time for you.

He always makes sure to allow time in his schedule for you. He wants to make you feel like you’re a genuine priority in his life and that you won’t take a backseat to other things that might require his attention.

9. He communicates with you.

He always opens up to you. He always wants to make sure that he communicates with you. He knows that this is imperative when it comes to staying on the same page in the relationship. He never wants you to feel like he’s closed of or distant towards you.

10. He shows a willingness to compromise with you.

He knows that the key to making a relationship work is compromise. He understands that he’s always going to have to show a willingness to meet you halfway if he wants things to work out with you. He wants you to feel like you are free to offer him different opinions and perspectives.

Original source: relrules