13 Famous People Who Turned Failure Into Success

Do you treat any personal failure as temporarily defeats and continue to keep moving forward towards your goals? Here's the short quote of the 13 famous people who managed to turned their own failure into success.
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Akio Morita Quote1. Akio Morita
His first company was called Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp, which came out with a rice cooker that burnt rice and ended up selling poorly. Rather than making knock-off products like many other Japanese companies, Morita wanted to develop quality innovative companies, and focused on a pocketsize radio. The best he could develop was just a bit too large for a typical pocket, so he had his salesmen wear shirts with oversized pockets so the radio would fit. Morita also foresaw the importance of branding, and changed the name of his company to Sony.

Elon Musk Quote2. Elon Musk:
Musk poured all of his $200 million payout from Paypal into his next two companies – SpaceX and then Tesla Motors. At one point while teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Musk debated if he should get rid of one of his companies so the other would succeed. He stuck with both, and the companies slowly made progress (through continual uphill battles). Musk and his team have accomplished the seemingly impossible, as both companies are revolutionizing their respective industries. Musk’s net worth is estimated by Forbes at $14 Billion.

Thomas Edison Quote

3. Thomas Edison
His grade school teachers said he was “Too stupid to learn anything.” Yet he helped develop many inventions that ushered in the modern age, including the motion picture camera, the phonograph and a practical light bulb. Edison was also an extraordinary businessman who was an early advocate of mass production and teamwork in the process of innovation, with over 1,000 US patents.

Abraham Lincoln Quote4. Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln had his share of setbacks including failing in business, failing to get into law school, suffered from depression, being defeated for nomination to Congress and being defeated for nomination for Vice President. He continually kept moving forward, and was elected President in 1860.

Vincent Van Gogh Quote

5. Vincent Van Gogh
Van Gogh sold a single painting during his lifetime, yet he completed over 800 works. Once he gave a painting to a Doctor Rey as thanks for his services, and the physician then used the gift to cover a hole in the roof of his chicken coop. Today his painting “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” (different than the one mentioned above) has an adjusted valuation of $149 million. “A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke.”