Changing The World with The 9 Personality Types

These personality types make humanity very special, not only in their interactions with each other, but within themselves.

Here are the 9 most important personality types which are changing the world. Find out which one are you,

No human being is ever represented by just one personality type, but rather a mixture of several. However, in each person who is meant to change the world there is one of these 9 personality types that’s most dominant.

Each piece of the puzzle, each with its flaws, is integral in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Everything is shifting and changing so quickly and each of these segments is playing a critical role in human consciousness.

Nine distinct personality types are responsible for changing the world and evolving the human spirit.

1. The Initiator

Regardless of the initiative, these are the doers of our world.

Being the number of ‘new’ in which all manifestation begins, they symbolize the principle of beginning or initiation through purity of purpose.

It is the energy that begins all actions and leads the way in new directions. Without them, we would have a lot of trouble getting things done because when nobody else wants to do it, they step up and get it done with courage, originality and decisiveness.

Their drive makes them magnificent manifestors and they require the support to keep them going. They do not tolerate laziness from the people within their circles, and they don’t like to ask for help from others.

The Initiator is somebody we all depend on for monumental achievements because they are masters at self-sufficiency, invention, focus and rationality.

Key Strengths:

Creators and primal force of consciousness and grand movements;

– Do not see an end to their journey and goals (retirement does not exist);

– The most powerful Initiators are those who awaken to their purpose to serve rather than rule (because they also make great rulers);

– Always at the forefront of directing and leading others;

– Trust in their own ability to separate right from wrong regardless of what they are told;

– Often mentally stronger than most other people;

– Live and breathe what they think they need to do and nothing will stop them from doing it;

– Generally optimistic people who have a great deal of inner strength and are often a source of inspiration to others;

– Self-motivated, striving for progress, with ambitious will, power and positivity;

– Pioneers with leadership qualities that attract many followers;

– Have an initiative, instinct and intuition that makes it all self-perpetuating;

2. The Healer

Since the Initiators often drive themselves into physical illness through their constant drive to keep moving forward, the healers are necessary to help bring balance back to their physical health.

It is a feminine energy that dominates the healer, but many men exhibit very strong healing energies. They symbolize the principle of coming together with another, positive/negative, male/female, day/night, black/white, yin/yang. They unite like-minds, and like-ideals.

Above all, life must have meaning for Healers. Their intuitive sense is very strong and among the strongest of all personality types. They reflect a quiet power in the natural flow of judgement, and the need for planning and communication to do what is best for our souls.

A healer’s strength and power is resilient and lasting and are some of the greatest powers hiding behind the throne. Some of the greatest men and women to ever walk the Earth (especially Initiators) had a healer as their partner or confidant by their side.

They are extremely effective at bringing peace, harmony and balance to many different experiences, and they do it with tolerance, patience, co-operation and sensitivity — particularly to the needs of others. They are more likely to suffer in silence if they cannot get people within their close relationships to understand what the problem is between them.

Key Strengths:

– Skilled mediators exemplifying very high levels of compassion and empathy;

– Their intuitive prowess is the highest of all personality types;

– Eternally optimistic that the world is going to get better and that everyone will live in peace and harmony;

– Cooperate well with others in order to maintain harmony in their own lives;

– Avoid conflict and confrontation and instead see the big picture;

– Tend to be selfless and focused on the greater good;

– Concerned about seeing that everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential;

– Want to be accepted for who they are and strive to maintain a job where that may be expressed;

– Promote personal growth of themselves and others;

– Exceptional nurturers and will always ensure that children are raised in a warm and loving environment, even at the expense of their own comfort;

3. The Catalyst

The Catalysts of the world have the unique gift of changing people and circumstances with consistency and creativity at all times.

They are the meditators of the planet who allow others to tap into their energy. It is a vibrational state that is very stable throughout human consciousness and not necessarily of the stereotypical meditator with closed eyes in lotus position.

The meditators may be one who can achieve the same energy while dancing, painting, crafting or using any artistry skill that enables them to achieve the vibration.

When Initiators and Healers become frustrated, they look to the Catalysts for assistance on a quantum level. None of them may understand what they are doing for the other, but whatever comes the way of the Catalysts, becomes more peaceful because of them. When the Initiators and Healers unite, they often need the synthesis of the Catalyst to put all that energy into effective action.

Those who exhibit Catalyst energy are enlivening, youthful and enthusiastic with their talents spread through communications of all kinds. They are masters are harmonizing energies with their emotions. Their energy does not work well with structure, plans or routines because of their ability to move out of linear thought. Catalysts are capable of very deep love, intuition and even psychic gifts and emotions, and this needs to be admired and loved by others.

Key Strengths:

– Carry the strong seed programming as ascended masters;

– Can help anybody find peace, clarity, and love within;

– Able to cope with life’s ups and downs and will not be disheartened for long by any setbacks;

– Many are truly gifted musicians, writers, dancers, and public speakers;

– Broad-minded thinking, synthesis and triad;

– Enthusiasm, youthfulness and enlivenment;

– Great communicators and often have a brilliant command of language;

– Feel the need to inspire and beautify the world with their natural capabilities to take anything they have and create something beautiful from it;

– Encourage rather than discourage and always find solutions rather than problems;

4. The Protector

Before there was technology of any kind there was Gaia. Most modern day humans have lost this connection. Many “Protectors” are not aware they are light workers, but they do know they are connected to Gaia consciousness.

They are the tree huggers, environmentalists, gardeners, animal whisperers, and all lovers of nature. Some ignore their own dietary requirements for energy and instead sacrifice those needs for their truth and love of Gaia.

They love the Earth and Mother Nature for all she is and what she provides, and that passion never leaves them for the rest of their lives. They are born with it, infused at birth with a love for all that is Gaia. They are trustworthy, patient, conventional and traditionalists, yet seek security and ‘home’ as their haven.

Protectors are extremely loyal to their cause, hardworking and security-conscious, with high values and morals. Their vibration needs disciplined harmony, dependability and responsibility in their lives. They are dependable, serious-minded individuals who need to be practical about all that they do.

Key Strengths:

– Works steadily and can be very persistent;

– Finds great satisfaction in accomplishments with physical labor, especially on the land and favors results over financial reward or public recognition;

– Believes in effort and control, and is certainly goal-oriented, but goals are simple and down to earth;

– Doesn’t like to make waves, but values moral convictions and will not back down when convinced that they are doing “the right thing.” (also causes extreme intolerance in Protectors who cannot appreciate other perspectives);

– Long-term commitment is likely to be a priority since they are faithful and dependable;

– Very career-minded and are highly ambitious in this area;

– Thought, consideration and contemplation goes into just about every decision or move they make;

– Build a solid foundation for the self and others, and making sure that all is safe and secure.