Success with Persevere

Perseverance Is What You Need

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In our instant-gratification, short-attention-span, multitasking world, we’ve lost sight of one core element of high achievement. That element is perseverance – the power key to success.

The ability to keep on keeping on, even when our efforts are met with disappointment or failure, is an ability that can make all the difference in the world. And that’s the definition of perseverance: to keep on keeping on.

It comes from being committed to your goal, and from believing in yourself and in your goal’s possibility. It borrows strength from resilience and optimism and brushes elbows with courage along the way.

Listen to the story of anyone who has reached a significant goal and you’ll hear a drama about someone who had to rebound from setback after setback along the way. There’s an old adage that says you can’t defeat a man who refuses to quit, and it’s as true today as when the words were first uttered.

Success with Persevere

Whether you’re working to master a skill that will qualify you for the next step up in your profession, or fielding interruptions from kids while you try to finish a household task, your success often hinges on your ability to refocus on your goal again and again. To give it one more try, and then another, and another still, is to walk the path that leads to achievement.

Angela Duckworth and her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania looked at a trait they call grit, a combination of perseverance and passion, the sustained and focused application of a talent over time. And what their research indicates is that “the quality that distinguished star performers in their respective fields was not necessarily talent, but exceptional commitment to ambitions and goals.”

Perhaps more than any other quality, perseverance is what gets our projects out the door, lets us master our talents, and that turns dreams into living, breathing realities.

The Benefits of Perseverance

But perseverance does more for you than to help you master a skill or complete a project. As great as those achievements are, the ability to keep on keeping on serves you in other ways as well.

  • It makes you trustworthy in other people’s eyes. They know you won’t quit when an obstacle comes along.
  • It increases your sense of self-worth to take full ownership of the goal you set out to achieve. You accept that your destiny is in your own hands.
  • Your commitment to your goal enhances its value for you and heightens your motivation.
  • It leads you to unexpected discoveries and expands your knowledge, both about yourself and about the field of your endeavor.

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